What makes a live casino apart from a traditional casino?

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If you’re a casino fanatic, you might be wondering what sets a live casino distinct from a conventional casino. A live casino will feature a live dealer in charge of the financial aspects, there is no computer. The software acts as a mediator between studios and the players. Each card in the deck have microchips which translate the actions of dealers into software. All bets, wins and losses are calculated through the program. The software reduces human errors by eliminating human factors. The system boasts an amazing precision, with errors reduced to less than 0.001%. For the beginning, the dealer will begin by dealing the cards. Once they have dealt the cards, they may ask the players to place bets.

The Game Control Unit (or GCU) is the second component in the live casino. It is a tiny shoebox-sized device which encodes broadcast video and helps the dealer. GCUs also aid the dealer to manage the game. In some games, the dealer will be able to use a wheel. Major wheel manufacturers partner with casinos to make wheels that have sensors built-in. This allows casino software to connect with the sensor. This enables the dealer to effectively perform their task.

The Game Control Unit is another crucial component of a live casino. This tiny box encodes the broadcast video and assists the dealer in the game. Wheels are sometimes connected to certain games. Some major manufacturers of wheels work with casinos to design wheels with built-in sensors. To process data that is processed, the GCU communicates with both the wheel’s GCU as well as the casino’s software. A live casino is regulated by the most respected gaming regulators around the globe and is supported by the biggest brands in gaming.

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