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author image by The Ghost | 0 Comments | 5 June 2021

As SCFC, we are improving ourselves day by day. Our primary goal has always been to make the Squad Community of higher quality. Therefore, our goal as SCFC Team ,has always been one step ahead of the present.

With the Partnership agreement we made with Steam-Gamers, now we offer you a quality game, time and rewards. Tournaments with valuable price pools are waiting for you very soon.

Also, you know that as SCFC, we have a season which includes SCFC scores and rank system. Regarding the rank system, we choose the season winner every three months. In order to make the game more fun, the 1st team will now be given a cash prize at the end of each season. How much this award will be has not yet been determined. We are going to announce it when season two starts.

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