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  • SCFC Weekly matches starts on 22 January!
  • You can hire the SCFC servers for free for your SCRIMS from our discord.
  • SCFC Leaderboard UPDATED!

When registering on our site, you agree to these terms:

  • It is strictly forbidden to open teams and spam, except for team leaders.
  • If a player is disrespectful in the tournament, he may be banned from the website as a penalty.
  • We are free to use the tournament images on the site and other media channels.
  • It may be suspended for disrespect, spam, or other inconvenience to the authorities via discord or the website.
  • Teams must enter their scores at the end of the match. Teams that enter wrong or missing will be penalized.
  • Authorities do not demand money from you via e-mail or discord, the only officials are those with a tick mark on the website.
  • In SCFC, your information is kept completely confidential.
  • The contents of the formula calculated on the Leaderboard are kept confidential. It can be shared according to the authority’s request.
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