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As SCFC, we are improving ourselves day by day. Our primary goal has always been to make the Squad Community of higher quality. Therefore, our goal as SCFC Team ,has always been one step ahead of the present. With the Partnership agreement we made with Steam-Gamers, now we offer you a quality game, time and rewards. Tournaments with valuable price pools are waiting for you very soon. Also, you know that as SCFC, we have a season which includes SCFC scores and rank system. Regarding the rank system, we choose the season winner every three months. In order to make…

by The Ghost
5 June 2021

Squad Update: V2.7

SYSTEM & GAMEPLAY UPDATES Added back “Dead Dead”, reworking its functionality in what is now called the Recovery State.This mechanic was removed in Alpha 13, but now makes a return with new UI and UX features. When an Incapacitated player is revived with a Field Dressing, they will enter the Recovery State. Being downed while in this state results in immediate death, with no chance to revive. The state is indicated by a skull icon in the bottom right of the HUD, and by a fullscreen desaturation and blur post-process effect. This effect impairs combat effectiveness. If untreated by a medic, the Recovery…

by The Ghost
13 May 2021

Squad Hotfix V2.6

We have just deployed a v2.6 hotfix to address your concerns with players abusing the new client-side “demo recording” functionality to find enemy positions. This new update will disable client-side demo recording on servers by default, though servers can still choose to enable demo recording for players, either for everyone or on an admin permissions level basis. We opted to push this hotfix now, particularly to alleviate these concerns for the tournament matches that are scheduled this weekend. This hotfix does not include a fix for the logi supplies issue yet; this is still actively being worked on. It seems to be…

by The Ghost
5 May 2021


Hello SCFC Members, we know that everyone is very excited for the Poland vs France match to be played on May 7. The match will last a total of 2 rounds and will be published on Twitch. Mutaha AAS V1 map will be played in the match. Tournament Poster

by The Ghost
5 May 2021

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